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When we asked the girls to name the three things they love most about the team the three most common words were football, friends and fun!  Girls come from a variety of different schools and backgrounds and have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.  Our focus is on getting the girls to gel and to create a team that can support and encourage each other to be the best that they can be. 

The U14s play in the Hackney Saturday Youth Girls League.  This is a 9v9 league that plays at Hackney Marshes every Saturday at 215pm.  We usually play around 20 league games a season.   This squad is filled on a first come first served basis with priority given to girls who played in the previous season.  

What girls learn in the Youth Development Phase



Be aware of the basics of all positions on the pitch and have had experience playing them all and be willing and able to play all positions. 

Be aware of option to swap positions on the pitch to maintain fluid play.


Be aware of different formations appropriate for how many people they play and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each formation and when these formations might be appropriated

Set Plays

Have established set plays specific to certain positions for goal kicks, kick offs, corners and free kicks.



Understand the attacking and defending principles of play. (Attacking - Movement, Support, Creativity, penetration, create space.  Defending - Press, delay, compactness, cover & balance, control & restraint )



Stay on the ball, master the ball

Look to receive the ball in all areas of the pitch and be prepared to stay in possession.

Excite with the ball and seek creative solution particularly when outnumbered or in congested areas.

Connect and combine creatively with others

Stay connected with the ball and your teammates to retain possession, open up compact defences and score goals.



Positive and enthusiastic defending - recognise that when out of possession every player is a defender.

Be prepared to defend 1v1 and be confident without cover or support.

Outwit your opponent with excellent patience, timing and intercepting skills.  Defending is not just about tackling.

Master a variety of defensive techniques and roles

Win the ball cleanly, regaining and retaining possession in the same action to start attacks.



Instinctive decision-making

Dominate transition: react quickly and positively to the first individual action when both attacking and defending.

Positive and intelligent attacking reactions

React instinctively and intelligently when possession is regained, recognising opportunities to disorganise the opposition. Manage the state of the game when opportunities to attack are limited. Positive and intelligent defensive reactions

Prevent progression by disrupting or destroying momentum, forcing errors and protecting the goal.



RESILIENCE  - Learning how to deal with, defeat, frustration and disappointment.  How making mistakes is an integral part of succeeding

RESPONSIBILITY -  Understanding the importance of responsibility and discipline.  Being able to count on your team mates and knowing you can count on them in return.  Owning mistakes and learning from them.  

RESPECT - Understanding that by treating others with respect you show respect to yourself thereby helping to build self-confidence and self-esteem.  Experiencing how helping others helps ourselves. 




Are you a girl?

Do you want to play football?

Are you in school Year 7 or 8? 


If the answer is yes to all of the above then

Contact the U11 Manager by  clicking here or fill in the contact form opposite.

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