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LIMEHOUSE LACES' Club Philosophy

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We live and breathe our club philosophy ..... 

  • Developing girls as players and individuals is at the centre of everything we do.


  • Every girl is equal.  Every girl should have equal opportunity to be involved in all club activities and  feel that they are equally valued. 

  • Every girl should have the opportunity to be involved regardless of ethnic, social or cultural background. We provide role models in coaches; managers and club committee members that reflect the diverse backgrounds of the girls.   We keep membership fees to an absolute minimum and provide sponsored places.  We run female only sessions to make football as accessible as we can to girls from every background.  We provide support to girls to overcome the external pressures and barriers that make it difficult for them to be involved in sport.

  • Creating our own football family.  Everyone wants to feel they are part of something bigger than themselves so we work hard to create a football community where every girl feels they belong.

  • Ability is not fixed. However good or bad girls are at football if they want to learn and are prepared to put in the time and effort required - we will give them the opportunity to train, to compete and to develop.

  • Effort is more important than results.  Winning or losing is not the point - making mistakes and learning from them is.  Challenging girls, allowing them to fail, helping them to see how that helps them learn, that is more important than doing something easy and succeeding.

  • Football skills are life skills.  Having high expectations of behaviour shows the girls we care and that we think they are able to meet those expectations. Commitment, time keeping, resilience, grace in victory and defeat; showing respect to match officials and coaches these are all skills which will help our girls succeed in life.

  • Be part of our community.  We are a community club and run on a shoestring.  We need volunteers to be able to offer the quality of experience that we aim for.  Parents with no football experience but lots of life experience can volunteer as team managers; those with football experience are encouraged to take their Level 1 and to help to cover matches when coaches aren’t available and volunteer as referees. Parents take responsibility for getting equipment to and from training and games and are encouraged to help other parents get their girls to games as well.


We've got #team spirit

What our players and parents say.....

"Limehouse Laces isn't just a football club - it's a football family" - Hannah

"Joining Limehouse Laces has been the most enjoyable extra-curricular activity Lucy has undertaken, and probably the most valuable. Seeing her charge around the football pitch with a big smile on her face every Saturday fills us with joy. "

Lucy's parents - minis

"Limehouse Laces has taught me a lot about football, but even more about life in general - kindness, hard work, friendship.  You've made something amazing."


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