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Mini Laces - SSE Wildcats

Mini Laces

Mini Laces - footballing foundation

This phase of football is all about having fun, making friends and feeling positive about playing football as well as getting in a routine of saturday morning football commitment.



Be aware of the three thirds of the pitch (defensive third, middle third, attacking third). Be aware of basic positions on the football pitch, what their roles are and where they play.



Be aware of at least two formations appropriate for how many people they play.


Set Plays

Have established set plays for goal kicks, kick offs, corners and free kicks. Know how to take throw- ins correctly.


Principles of Play 

Understand the attacking and defending principles of play. (Attacking -Movement, Support, Creativity, penetration, create space.  Defending - Press, delay, compactness, cover & balance, control&restraint )


Attacking Skills

Working on good first touch to control the ball.  Learning how to shield the ball and stay on your feet.  Look to be creative and not be afraid of taking risks and trying new things.  Understand how each position has a part to play in the game and the importance of staying in position.  Use this understanding to connect and combine with other players. 

Defending skills

Positive,  enthusiastic and intelligent defending.  Understanding that when out of possession every player is a defender.  Understanding that defending does not just mean tackling and how your defensive role will be determined by lots of different factors.  Being brave and enjoy winning the ball back.


Transition skills

React quickly and positively when the ball is won or lost and have a range of individual options and actions.  


Making friends and having fun.  

Understand what being part of a team is about.

An introduction to the importance of commitment

Learning how to be coached. Being respectful to the coach and other players. Understanding that making mistakes is an important part of learning.

Getting to know older girls and being part of our football family



Are you a girl?

Do you want to play football?

Are you in school Year 3,4 or 5? 


If the answer is yes to all of the above then

Contact the Mini Laces Manager by  clicking here 

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